Thursday, October 27, 2011

I can't put it off any longer....

      I am so far behind, I can't begin to remembser all the things I wanted to share. I should begin with the fact that we've been diaper free for quite some time now. It was going great for a while until recently, we've taken a big step back. I've been reverted back to cleaning poop and pee for a million pairs of underwear a day. It's tiring, to say the least. Another thing is that the girls went to their first dentist appointment. Both did awesome. I am a proud mama. Brushing their teeth is a big favorite in this house! We haven't been up to very much. Just trying to enjoy the last nice days of the year. It's predicted to be a long, cold, fierce winter this year and none of us are ready for it. We took some walks to soak in the fall colors. Our babies really love mother nature! They all listen to the birds and squeal when they see something cross our path. We've had a fire in our firepit every few nights and they love to play outside in the dark. We sit in our front yard and gather up the fallen leaves. The girls love to race back and forth from the sidewalk to mommy. We decorated the yard with spooky Halloween stuff. I've never seen 3 kids so excited for Halloween at such a young age. They are histerical. Hailey and Zoey will be purple butterfly princess cause everything is about princesses right now. Aaliyah will be Ariel from the Little Mermaid; another princess obsession. They all walk around knocking on the interior doors of our house saying "Trick or Treat" waiting for candy. They should be good by time Monday is here! I am sitting here trying to go back and remember the things I had said to myself "blog about this" but I can't. There is just so much. I think I might just strap a camera to my forehead so I can just record the daily life. There is never a dull moment!

      I try to seperate Hailey and Zoey out to make this more about the twins but I can't help leave it as just that. Aaliyah is so much apart of their life...more than most others. She's might as well be the slightly older triplet. It's funny though because it looks like that to others too; that instead of twins and an older sibling, people ask if they are triplets often. All I can say is they or the girls. Aaliyah is a phenominal big sister. Better than anyone could ask for. She takes good care of her sisters and considers them her own babies sometimes...silly girl. Aaliyah is too special to leave out. I also wanted to try and seperate the twins in the blog too so you get an idea of both of them but they do everything together. Except when Nanny comes and takes one to give them some independence. Last time, Zoey went and Nanny took her to the party store to check out costumes. She was amazed by the place. She saw a monster and said "NANNY!!! MONSTER!!!". She charmed many a fellow shoppers with her cuteness. Hailey is anxious to go to Nanny's next!

      I have a new strategy. For now on, I'll carry a notebook with me so that I can jot down what I want to remember to share with you all. I can't begin to tell you how many times I think about just sitting right down and typing it out. It's time for bed...the trio is waiting.

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